Our People

At New Hope, people are working together for better mental health services in their community. And we’re proud to say that New Hope volunteers are making a difference, even as they cope with mental health issues themselves or in people they care for.

BBtW Manager

As a young man, Ralph started working down on the farm, but quickly realised that wasn’t for him. But he knew he’d found his calling when he got involved in his first youth community project. Now Ralph’s determined to help people affected by mental health challenges get really involved improving services they use and he currently works to support New Hope as part of St Mungo’s ‘Bridges to Wellbeing’ service. Ralph loves the film ‘Pulp Fiction’, the Greek island of Antiparos and really wants to learn to kite-surf.

Claire, Peer Mentoring Coordinator

More to come soon.....

New Hope exists thanks to St Mungo’s ‘Bridges to Wellbeing’ scheme, which provides funding and support for New Hope and its volunteers. ‘Bridges to Wellbeing’ aims to empower people affected by mental health issues, so they can get involved improving services they use.

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